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September 2012

Found 2 blog entries for September 2012.

How low can you go… Does an election year affect interest rates? 

by Lisa the Lender

Not really.  So if you're waiting for them to drop, don't hold your breath.

Many have speculated that interest rates drop during an election year to encourage voting for the current president.   Research shows otherwise.   There is a small correlation between the two.  In the past five elections, there has been a slow decline in rates between November and February.  These declines have only been slight though.

So, how low can they go? Not much lower. As can be expected from interest rates, they aren’t giving up their secrets for the future. However, mortgage interest rates are still at record breaking lows.  When interest rates start to climb, the amount a

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 When we tell you inventory is shrinking in the real estate market in the Phoenix metro area, we're not kidding.

Just looks at these charts comparing Setpember 1, 2010 to September 2011 and September of this year, 2012 in Maricopa County.

We went from almost 38,000 active listings two years ago down to half of that,14,388 today

And more regualr sales are making up our inventory.

Short sales two years ago made up 29 percent of our inventory.  Now it's only 8%

Foreclosed homes down to 8% of our inventory.  Two years ago, it made up 20 percent of sales in Maricopa County.

The number of sales in the Valley are at the same amount they were two years ago.

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