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December 2012

Found 14 blog entries for December 2012.

It was a fantastic year for buying in selling homes, townhomes, patio homes and condos  in the Phoenix Metro Area.

I always get people asking me or assuming that real esate agents are starving or they're not doing well because the market is bad.

Not so.  Look at these numbers.  Lots of activity in the market this year!

According to the Arizona Multiple Listing Service, as of December 30, 2012

There were 80,192 sales in Maricopa County in 2012.  Well, as of December 30th, there are more closing on the 31st, but I'll be out celebrating.

67,208 were single family homes.

Short sales, there were 17,883 short sales.

As for foreclosure properties that were purchased, there were 12,984.

Thanks to the Cromford Report, here's what's

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by Diane Brennan

It was a great edition of That Real Estate Show on Saturday, December 22, 2012 where we discussed buying homes, selling homes and investing in real estate in the Phoenix metro area and other communities like Scottsdale, Chandler, Goodyear, Cave Creek, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Glendale and everywhere else.

RE-CAPPING 2012 - That Market Report with Michael Orr from ASU discussed his biggest surprises in the real estate market in  2012 as well as what could be ahead in 2013. Listen here.

BECOME AN INVESTOR IN 2013.....Lisa the Lender is back from her trip to New York and joins us to talk about buying a rental property. How much you need to put down, what kind of interest rate you can get and sooooo much more!  Listen here.


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by Diane Brennan

Happy Holidays to you and your family from the crew at That Real Estate Show. 


Diane Brennan, Linda Williams, Lisa the Lender and Producer Rod all wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season to all our listeners in the Valley looking to buy or sell property or just interested in the real estate market. 

We want to thank you for tuning into our show and making THAT REAL ESTATE SHOW  part of your Saturday afternoons and your number one place for real estate information about Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert or any other Valley city.  We are your trusted source for real estate information as well as your Realtors'.

We're six months old and continuing to improve and we're listening to what

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Come join the tour of homes for sale and see for yourself what a beautiful community Entrada Del Oro is just minutes east of Gold Canyon.


We're having a tour of homes for sale Sunday, January 13th from noon until 4pm

We want to introduce you to this beautiful community and show you what a great place it is to live in.

Come meet the neighbors, come look at homes, you'll love it here!

Entrada del Oro  is located off the US 60, just a few miles past Gold Canyon on the 60 to El Camino Viejo or mile marker 208.

Watch for all the balloons and make sure to pick up a flyer to show you where to go at the entrance.

Please contact Diane Brennan with any questions at 602-620-2277




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Have you ever been to DC Ranch?




Those that live there know it and are reminded every time they tell someone they live in DC ranch and the response is a sigh.


It's that great.  It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.  It's close to world class shopping, fine dining, world class shopping, hiking, did I mention world class shopping?

Oh, and don't forget the Country Club.

If we're going to dream big...let's go ...all....the...way.

What's not to love?  Nestled ( I just love that word) at the base of the McDowell Mountains, many of the homes have unbelievable views of the Valley below. At night, it's amazing.

There are a variety of properties ranging from single family to townhomes, from a variety of builders

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So you're trying to sell your fabulous home in Phoenix or Scottsdale or Chandler or wherever you may be in this gorgeous Valley. 

I'll lay out the scene...

A Realtor brings a potential buyer into your home.  The buyer turns to you and asks "Why are you selling?" 

We'll come back to the answer in just a minute but first, let me interupt and say...

What are you doing in the home?  Best place for a seller to be is out of the house.

There's a few reasons.

First, you make people feel uncomfortable.  It's not you, it's anyone selling a house makes a potential buyer feel that way.

They feel that they're interrupting, inconveniencing and intruding on your space.

They can't relax and enjoy your home.  They're rushed and just want to get

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On today's show...

Another great show about buying and selling real estate in the Greater Phoenix area.  No matter if you live in Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert or Glendale or any other city in the Metro Phoenix area, you'll find a lot of great information in the show.

Diane Brennan  saw this article in the Huffington Post and thought it was a great idea. The paper thought if the  various apocalyptic prophesies about 12/21/12 become true, why not live like the rich and famous for the end of your days? The post showed readers Apocolypse worthy homes in the Washington, DC area. So Diane thought she'd show you Apocalypse worth homes here in the Valley right here.  Listen to the interview   Michael Orr with ASU, well his official title is…
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How about spending the end of the world at your new luxury home in Paradise Valley or Silverleaf and Estancia in Scottsdale....or any other gorgeous place in Arizona you thought you could never afford to live in?

 Why am I talking about the end of the world? 

I saw this idea in the Huffington Post where, assuming that  some or all of the apocalyptic prophecies about 12/21/12 come true, why not live fabulous till fabulous ain't no more?  The article featured the most apocolypse worthy real estate around in the Washington, DC area.  So what the heck,  I thought I'd show you the most luxuriously stupidly expensive homes in the Greater Phoenix area.  Would you agree that it couldn't be a better time to take out a huge mortgage and experience the end of

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Think buying and selling homes in Phoenix or Chandler or Scottsdale or Gilbert or any other city if the Valley may be your cup of tea? Many are thinking about a career in real estat now that prices are on the rise in the Valley. We told Rod Lakin, Producer of That Real Estate Show  that he had to go to get his real estate license.  We just about fell over when he agreed.  (We were only kidding).  We thought questioning Rod would help others thinking about going to Real Estate School.  Diane Brennan sat down with him.  

1.  When did you start Real Estate School?

 We started (my wife Sarah and I) in mid September, and have been attending class 2 days per week since then.

 2.  Why are you going to Real Estate School?  

 Well, I

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Where is the real estate market in the Valley headed? Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler or anywhere else in the Metro Phoenix area?  If you're buying or selling you'll find this interesting.

In November, Mike Orr of the Cromford Report and ASU's W.P Carey School of Business and of course, That Real Estate Show, presented at the Crystal Ball 2013 which is like a state of the state in the real estate industry as well as a look into the future or "Crystal Ball.". He talked about where the real estate market in the Valley has been and where it's headed.  Wanted to share with you some of his analysis.


Low inventory will cause prices to rise

Investors will slow down as prices rise

Foreclosures will quickly drop to normal levels

Short sales

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