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January 2013

Found 11 blog entries for January 2013.

It's the show about Real Estate in the Phoenix and surrounding area.  Doesn't matter if you are looking to buy or sell in Scottsdale, Arizona or Chandler, we've got it covered.  What a bummer, our buddy Linda Williams, our voice of reason on the program is out sick. Filling in for her is Lisa the Lender.

Realtor Diane Brennan talked about KW's Got Talent!  A fantastic fundraiser and talent show to raise money for Camp Rainbow.  It's a camp that Phoenix Childrens' Hospital puts on. All proceeds go to help send some well deserving children to this camp. Come join us at the Double Tree Resort in Scottsdale Saturday night!  You can buy tickets at the door.  The silent auction begins at 6pm, the talent gets underway at 7pm. Doubletree Resort 5401 N.

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What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

By Mike Coppola - Amerifirst Financial

Reverse mortgages are increasing in popularity with seniors who have equity in their homes and want a safe alternative resource that can provide them with greater financial security and independence.  Many seniors use it to supplement social security, meet unexpected medical expenses, make home improvements and more.  Although there are other options for Reverse Mortgages out there, in my opinion the best and safest option is the only reverse mortgage insured by the U.S. Federal Government which is called a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or ‘HECM’, and is only available through an FHA approved lender.

 Here are some quick Frequently Asked Questions:

 1.       What exactly is a

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Why it’s worth 5 to learn about Maricopa County Home In 5 Advantage Program

by Lisa the Lender

 It’s another sign of economic recovery in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and it means you can get help to buy a home in the Valley.  Maricopa Home In 5 Advantage Program is evidence that the our real estate market is looking up.  Maricopa County has been and continues to provide funds to prospective homebuyers looking to purchase a home in Maricopa County.  Here is how it works.

 Buyers get 5% from from Maricopa County to use towards a down payment and closing costs to buy a home in Maricopa County

Qualified Veterans get 6% towards down payment and closing costs.

Is there a catch?

No catch...just some requirements. 

You must have a minimum

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Realtors around the Phoenix area are not only helping people buy new homes, but also helping rescue abandoned pets that have fallen victim to an empty house, due to foreclosure. The Lost Our Home Pet Foundation has rescued more than 2,000 pets and fed 8,500 since the organization began in 2008. These dogs and cats that have been left behind, are now finding new families, thanks to Jodi Polanski, who founded the shelter at the height of the recession in 2008. Polanski was a mortgage professional at the time and says many real estate agents helped homeowners who were forced to move out and couldn’t find a place to take pets.
The shelter’s 1800 square foot facility has a food bank, vet technicians, and volunteers who give the animals love until a new owner

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By Diane Brennan   You know when I got started in Real Estate, I had no idea the image or stereo type some people had of us. I loved my Realtor and wanted to be just like her! In my "I just passed my real estate test"  bliss I pranced around proudly boasting that "I" am a Realtor. Then....came the confusing reactions. Confusing to me. I thought the winces were a response to wayward spittle accidentally shooting of my mouth. But no....I soon learned that it was the profession.   The profession tainted by those before us. I don't know when agents started getting the bad rap or who put us there. But I'd like to have a few choice words with them. I don't know what it will take to pull us out of the sludge or be…
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by Lisa the Lender

We've got a great way to lower that monthly payment on your home in Phoenix or any other city in the Valley area.

Refinance and get rid of your monthly mortgage insurance.  Rates are low and prices are going up.....but low rates may not last forever, so now is a good time.

Depending on your current loan program, you may be stuck with monthly mortgage insurance for up to six years.  Yuck.

It's a little "insurance" for the lender that you're going to make your paymnets.

IF you have enough equity in your home you can refinance and get rid of that insurance and save yourself some bucks.

Equity in your home.  Foreign word here in Arizona right?

Don't roll your eyes so fast.

Prices in some part of the Valley are up 30%

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by Lisa the Lender

 There is no question that the economy has not been kind to many Arizona families.  Bad things happen to good people.  Many folks lost their homes to a short sale or foreclosure or fell victim to a bankruptcy. So how long till you can buy a home or get a mortgage to buy a home in the Phoenix area?

Buying a home after these financial hurdles can be much easier than you may think.  Now is the time to explore what options you may have available.  The key factors are the waiting period after the financial hurdle and the circumstances behind the financial hurdle.

If you had a foreclosure or short sale, you may be able to qualify for a new mortgage and buy a home in the Phoenix area within 2 to 3 years depending on what type of

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By Glen Robert - a North Central Phoenix Resident.

I am lucky to in live what some realtors call " Between the 7's" in North Central Phoenix.  It is the "sweet spot" of the city for me---a charming blend of mid-century ranch style homes and some newer dwellings between 7th street and 7th avenue. The North to South borders are roughly Camelback to Dunlap.
Location! Downtown Phoenix is 20 minutes south on city streets. the  I-17 and SR51 are less than ten minutes away if you're heading farther out! Those are the logistics,  but what I love most about this area of Phoenix is the intangible sense of "community".  That includes friendly waves as you pass someone walking or jogging in the streets, the Bridle Pathers moving briskly or meandering slowly up and

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What?  You missed a show?  Thank goodness we have podcasts so you can listen anytime you like to That Real Estate Show with Linda Williams and Realtor Diane Brennan.  You can always catch us on 92.3 FM Saturdays at 3pm on News Talk 92.3 KTAR.

Michael Orr with ASU joines us to talk about Scotch.  We made him read the description since an english accent may make us pay the $17k price tag.  Listen here.

On the serious side, Michael discussed the chronic problem of low inventory in the Valley.  Will it get better? Listen here!

Lisa the Lender joined us to talk about the Maricopa "Home in Five" program where the county helps people out with their down payments and closing costs.  Get it while the money is available.  Amerifirst Financial is one of

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It was a great show about the real estate market in the Phoenix metro area.  Lots of great information on today's show.

We talked to Mike Orr with ASU who discussed the latest on the real estate market as well as the town of Gilbert.  Listen Here.

Lisa the Lender with Amerifirst Financial joined us to talk about getting rid of your monthly mortgage insurance. Listen here.

That Real Estate Show is hosting a home tour in Entrada del Oro east of Gold Canyon, Arizona on Sunday, January 13.  Listen here.

Ever hear of Lost our Home Pet Foundation?  Great organization That Real Estate Show is proud to support. Founder & Executive Director Jodi Polanski joined us to talk about the organization.  Would you like to donate?  Here's their website.


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