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June 2013

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If you're selling your Phoenix area home, you may want to know about VA Loans.  They contain  fees that a veteran doesn't have to pay and a seller does.  

So what is a VA loan?  It's financing a Veteran can obtain through the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. It was created so veterans and their families can obtain financing to purchase a home.  The department doesn't orginate the loan, it just establishes rules for those that qualify, dictate the terms of the mortgages offered and insures VA loans against default.

If you're a Veteran and taking part in the Maricopa County Home in 5 Advantage Program, there's good news for vets and sellers.  The grant gives 6% to qualifying veterans which means the grant will cover the fees that sellers

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Get the latest info on the real estate market in the Valley, buy or sell your house, or just find out what your home is worth.  We’ve got it all covered on That Real Estate Show - the show for YOU and YOUR Realtor.

Here's what you missed this week - 

THAT MARKET REPORT - Mike Orr, Director of the Real Estate Center at the W.P. Carey School of Business explained why he isn't worried about another real estate bubble in Phoenix.  Listen here to find out why.

MARICOPA HOME IN 5...IS TIME RUNNING OUT? – Lisa the Lender from Amerifirst Financial has an update on the very popular Maricopa Home in 5 Advantage Program.  Is time running out on this great program?  Listen here to find out.

WHERE TO GO - Our Community Events Director, Diva Danielle, has

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Does good news for Canadian homeowners mean good news for Phoenix's real estate market?


“Bubble Watch” has been a most popular phrase for pessimistic (or fearful) observers of Arizona’s resurgent real estate market in recent weeks.  Last Saturday on That Real Estate Show, Michael Orr, Director of the Real Estate Center at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, continued to downplay the notion of a second bubble affecting Valley homeowners in the near future.  But what about other cities?  What about other countries?

 A month ago, some, including the U.K. based publication, The Economist, warned of a severe correction to the once thriving Canadian real estate market, even going as far to warn of a “large bubble

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Bankruptcy is an uncomfortable subject for a variety of reasons.  The most obvious is the potential havoc it can wreak on your finances.  Running a close second is the negative stigma which is often attached to the process.  This negativity is important to mention because strong emotions can sometimes lead to unsound financial decisions with devastating results.

Bankruptcy becomes a viable option for someone who is “upside down” in terms of cash flow.  In other words, when a person has more money going out each month than coming in, bankruptcy should be considered if no reversal of this negative cash flow is within sight.  The longer someone waits to explore the various options available, the more serious his or her situation may become.

One of the

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Phoenix Rescue Mission is looking for supplies to give away to the homeless and sheltered senior citizens to help them survive the scorching heat in the Valley

Here are the locations where you can drop off supplies like water, white socks, cool snacks, light colored t-shirts, sunglasses, sunscreen, chapstick, toiletries etc.

East Valley

Starbucks Coffee Company – Starbucks will take water donations only. All East Valley Locations in Chandler, Tempe and Gilbert are collecting cases of water or customers can donate a bottle of Ethos Water in stores.  Here are some of the locations.

  1. Mill & 5th Avenue
    420 S. Mill Avenue #104
    Tempe, AZ 852812828
    (480) 966-7228
  2. University & Hardy, Tempe
    871 W. University Drive
    Tempe, AZ 852813463
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Want to help out?  Every week, That Real Estate Show takes a break from talking about selling and buying homes and focuses on giving back to the community.

This week, it's the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Arizona's unforgiving temperatures makes it much tougher on the homeless in the Valley.  Diva Danielle brings us volunteer opportunities every week.  Introducing, the Phoenix Rescue Mission.


Phoenix Rescue Mission's Code Red Summer Heat is collecting gear for homeless and sheltered senior citizens.

  • They need
  • Water
  • White socks
  • Light colored t-shirts
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Toiletries, etc.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission Team need volunteers to distribute the goods and help with other tasks from now till the

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Not everybody likes the "scorching" side of Sunny Arizona! So here's something "cool" you can do. 

That Real Estate Show wants to tell you about a night of Taboo.  It's a cool night of vintage fashion, drinks and some garage rock music in June at one of the coolest stores around!

The Retro Ranch - Vintage Vultures call it Tabu!!!  Tabu is a night, singles out there don't want to miss.  There is music,  booze, fashion and vintage shopping involved!!!  This store carries all kinds of cool, funky, vintage clothing, accessories and furniture as well.  It's $7 to get in and it's all happening Friday, June 28th, 2013.  All the fun starts at 8pm.

Retro Ranch
4303 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ, 85013

For more info:

Retro Ranch

For more fun

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Where's the Phoenix real estate market headed?  In a nutshell, inventory remains low and prices are increasing.  That Real Estate Show  discusses when that might improve.  That Real Estate Show... the show for YOU and YOUR Realtor. Saturdays at 3pm on News Talk 92.3 KTAR

Here's what's coming up on Saturday, June 15, 2013

HOUSING BUBBLE IN OUR FUTURE?  How long is low inventory going to continue...are prices going to keep rising?  Join Mike Orr,  Director of the Real Estate Center at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University to find out if this imbalance is here to stay.

FREE MONEY TO BUY A HOME -   Join us to find out more about the Maricopa County Home in 5 Advantage Program. It's FREE money from the Maricopa County to help

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Looking for something fun to do in Arizona?  Does an adventurous day in the sun while learning more about the history and creation of the beautiful red rock of Sedona interest you?  Try a Pink Jeep Tour!

That Real Estate Show Team took a Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona.

Pink Jeep Tours of Sedona takes you to a one-of-kind off-road view of Sedona.  It's great for the whole family, couples or singles.  It's a whole lot of fun.  You could be doing some walking so wear comfortable clothes and shoes with a bit of grip on them.

Diane has been on her 10th Broken Arrow Tour with Pink Jeep Tours and was awarded a toy pink jeep.


And here's Diva Danielle just hanging around Sedona!

Find out more about Pink Jeep Tours.

Call for more info:

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The 'E' word isn’t a bad word in Phoenix real estate anymore

I spent the better part of last week in Southern California, with a room full of optimistic realtors, anxious get to work in the suddenly resurgent real estate industry.  The market conditions in California aren’t too different than our own in Arizona:  Affordable listings in high demand, sellers in a premium position for resale opportunities, and a flood of buyers with a shortage of options.  The California Association of Realtors shed further light on the subject, identifying 54% of sales in the month of April as equity sales.  Zillow’s recent projections amplify the point, as (per their report) 1.4 million homeowners could regain positive equity by the first quarter of 2014.  Save to say,

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