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September 2013

Found 30 blog entries for September 2013.

Arizona real estate news can be heard every Saturday at 3pm on That Real Estate Show. Each week we have the very latest Phoenix real estate news and opinion from the Valley’s most trusted voices.

Here’s what happened on That Real Estate Show for September 28th, 2013:

Phoenix homes for sale:  Why aren’t there any buyers?  Arizona State University’s Michael Orr talks about the so-called “buyer’s strike” in Phoenix real estate on That Market Report.  Find out why many buyers are sitting this one out.

Arizona FHA loans– Lisa the Lender talks about the two programs aimed at saving you some money!  This is great information for anyone interested in buying a home in Phoenix.

Jobs in Phoenix – The Phoenix Business Journal has an update on which jobs

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When it comes to the Phoenix area real estate market, home prices continue to rise in the Valley.  That's not all the good news...there's more.

Phoenix area real estate report from wp carey school of business at asu


Our median home price has increased over 30%.  That's great news.  Home sales from June of 2013 increased 3% in July of 2013.  That according to the newly released July 2013 real estate report from the W.P Carey School of Bsuiness at Arizona State University. 

Median sales price is now $194,150 in the Phoenix area jumping from $149,000 in June of 2011

Average price per square foot is now $118.62.

Where did the investors go?.  Investor purchases are down 27%.  Short sales are down 57%. Bank owned homes are down 37%. That's great news!!

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac owned homes are down 66%.  HUD

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We don't just help you buy and sell your Phoenix area home, we want you to become part of the community too.

Diva Danielle, That Real Estate Show's Community Events Director has this week's picks.



This week's events are...

Families - Hiking - everyone encouraged to explore our great hiking trails

Singles - Phoenix Fashion Week

Couples - Iron Chef Celebrity Chefs battle it out at Salt River Fields October 6, 2013

Volunteer Opportunity - Shape Up U.S - looking for people to help out October 26, 2013.  They get kids out and get them active at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler.

Please contact us for more information about these great events happening in the Phoenix area.

things to do in phoenix arizona for september of 2013
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Phoenix real estate news is always changing.  For the latest advice and tips catch That Real Estate Show Saturdays at 3pm on News Talk 92.3 KTAR

Here's what's on tap for Saturday, September 27, 2013

Phoenix real estate radio show


Phoenix area real estate news is always updated with ASU's real estate expert, Michael Orr.  This week he talks about buyers and why they aren't coming out in droves.  More on the buyers' strike and how long real estate inventory is expected to remain low.

New Programs To Help Home Buyers.  Lisa the Lender talks about the Back to Work Program and the Maricopa County Home in 5 Advantage Program.

Latest Buisness News - Kristena Hansen with the Phoenix Business Journal joins us to talk about the latest companies creating jobs in the Valley.

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Moving to your Phoenix community or moving from it can be exciting...I stress the word "can."  More often than not, it's stressful, turns you into someone you don't recognize and can possibly cause you to be served with divorce papers.

phoenix real estate moving checklist


Let's try and alleviate the stress with good planning or at least take a good crack at a plan.  Finding the right movng service and having a good, though flexible, moving plan, most of the moving headaches can be avoided.  Or that's what we're crossing our fingers for.


Finding the best mover for your particular needs and at the right price involves you figuring out what you need.  Like many service oriented industries, moving companies of today have expanded to offer a wide range of services

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So you're thinking about selling your Phoenix area homes?  Doesn't matter if you live in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert or anyhwere in the Valley, prices are going up and many have recouped the losses they experienced in the housing crash.

So what do you do next to sell your home

Contact a Realtor to find out how much your home is worth so you really see where you stand.

I'm going to warn you, don't go by Zillow Zestimates.  Even Zillow admits they are not that accurate for our area.  A Realtor will be able to give you up to date information and recent sales in your neighborhood.   So we're going to fast foward a little bit and pretend that you've already listed your home.

What are your next steps?

Here's Realtor Kelly Reetz with That Real Estate

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The demand for Phoenix area homes and rentals is at an all time high in the Valley.  

Many people are waiting for time to lapse when they can buy again.  They may have short sold or foreclosed and have to wait the mandatory period of time.  If that is the case, there is some good news for you. Some may not have to wait to get a new mortgage. It the new Back to Work Program.

But that's not what this article is about.

buying a phoenix area home better than renting

I'm talking to those people who are on the fence about buying.

Is the thought of paying a mortgage keeping you from owning a home?

Keep in mind if you are renting, you are paying a mortgage.

It just happens to be your landlord's and not yours.

Which means you're building up your landlord's equity and not yours.


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If you can’t afford a luxury home in the Phoenix area, here’s the next best thing.

Visit one.

Another Street of Dreams has been created for you to oooh and awww at in the Valley.

At the same time, you can benefit a great local organization that helps the homeless.

Since the real estate market crashed so did the tours of these beautiful displays of luxury homes.

Things are turning around and the Street of Dreams is back.

This time in Gilbert, Arizona.


For those that don’t know, it’s a home tour, a luxury home tour.

People go to get ideas, learn about new products or just go to admire the gorgeous finishes and wonder who the heck could afford something like that.


These streets have been displayed in every major city all

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If you're thinking about buying a home in Scottsdale or you already live there, this is great news for you.

It's one of the biggest tourist destinations in Arizona.

Yes people, it's a mall.

Scottsdale fashion square mall is a favorite arizona destination

Scottsdale Fashion Square has plans to get bigger and better.

Scottsdale Fashion Square is a huge draw for tourists and residents alike.

 According to Kristena Hansen with the Phoenix Business Journal, the mall's owner is planning on more underground parking, retail space and a larger movie theater.  City of Scottsdale has to still give it the green light but they're hoping to get approval before the year ends.  When will it open?  Plans are for 2015. 

It would mean over 140,000 square feet to the area behind Barney's on the mall's northeast side.

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Scottsdale real estate is typically more expensive than the rest of the Phoenix area real estate market. 

 Scottsdale is a highly desirable place to live for families, singles and snow birds with plenty of great events for everyone all year long.  But you certainly get more bang for your buck when it comes to size of the home or condo in other cities in the Phoenix area.

I'll tell you one thing I love about living in Scottsdale is dealing with the City of Scottsdale.  I find them unbelievably friendly, helpful and my questions are answered within a day or two.  Love it.

They even have this link on their website which I frequent regularly. 

It's the complete list of "How do I....." links.

Now back to the Scottsdale real estate market.

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