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March 2014

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Writing a VA loan on a Phoenix area home, can be a little intimidating.

That's because there are some fees a Veteran is not allowed to pay for.  So the sellers get nervous thinking they have to give up more of their profit.

Giving up their profit may be where some patriotism ends.

But I digress.

va loans for phoenix arizona explained

Here are some things to know when writing a VA offer.

Writing and offer for a buyer using a VA mortgage is different from anhy other type of offer.  There are four important VA specific differences that if not understood can cost a VA buyer money and time.  This guide will help you protect your veteran clients. 


-  Appraisal: In AZ, Va appraisers have 7 business days to complete an appraisal.


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Did you miss the great information on the Phoenix Real Estate maket on Saturday's edition of That Real Estate Show on march 29, 2014.

Join Diane Brennan, Michael Orr, Tina Tamboer, Kim Harland with Nova Home Loans, TRES Community Events Director Diva Danielle and Producer and Realtor Rod Lakin every Saturday for the latest most up to date real estate information in the Valley.

Here's the podcast, if you did.

THAT MARKET REPORT - ASU's Michael Orr and the Creator of The Cromford Report talks about new home sales in the Valley and we discuss the effect of the Millennial Generation not buying homes in the Valley. Listen Here.

YOUR MONEY GIRL - Kim Harland with Nova Home Loans joins us to talk about the great savings people are taking advantage

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We don't just help you buy or sell a home in the metro Phoenix area here at That Real Estate Show, we help you become part of the community too.

Here's what Diva Danielle has for us this week.


SINGLES - TEMPE FESTIVAL OF ART  - 350 artists on display on Mill Avenue as well as wine and beer tasting.  It's a free event.  Here's a tip.  Park for free at the Tempe Center for the Arts.

FAMILIES - Arizona BBQ Festival at Salt River Fields - April 5th.  Make sure to check out their bacon zone. Miss Daisy Duke Beauty Pagent.   $12 to get in. Kids 12 and under get in free.  Over 25 different BBQ vendors.  Red Neck Arena hosting Red Neck Games.

COUPLES - Salsa Festival in Maricopa, Arizona - Located at Coopers Sky Regional Park.  Live music,

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Another great show of real estate information for the Phoenix area.  Make sure to tune in to That Real Estate Show Saturday at 3pm on 92.3 FM.


Coming up...

That Market Report - ASU's Michael Orr talks about new home sales and how the Millenial generation is affecting the Valley housing market.

Your Money Girl - Kim Harland with Nova Home Loans talks about their free credit services department and the Maricopa County Home in 5 Advantage Program.

Business Report - Join Kristena Hansen with the Phoenix Business Journal to find out about new companies moving to the Valley and creating jobs.

Diva Danielle - Community Events Director Diva Danielle has her pick of events for singles, couples and families.  Find out who in the Valley can use

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Did you get that?  Nova Home Loans will fix your credit for free if you want to buy a home in the Phoenix area.  Let me first explain to you how amazing this is.  If you have ever tried to get something repaired or a fix a mistake on your credit report.  It can be hard and time consuming.  Writing letters to all three credit reporting agencies is no easy task.  Kim Harland with Nova Home Loans tells us more about their program.


TRES -  Nova helps people clean up their credit?

KIM HARLAND -  We have the tools to help people repair their credit.

TRES -  Describe your program. 

KIM HARLAND - Credit Services is a free service for clients who need assistance

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Thinking of buying or selling a home in the Phoenix Arizona area?  Are you a real estate agent or Realtor looking to keep your clients updated?

Here's the latest from Michael Orr, Director of the real estate center at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

MARCH 2014

Demand is still pretty low, but it’s not getting any lower.  In fact, we’re seeing the first tentative signs of it picking up in the last week.  Supply is still growing but nothing abnormal.  It’s still only feels like a lot of supply because of demand being low.  It’s actually quite normal.  We seem to have stabilized but at a rather lackluster and subdued level.

For sellers, just be patient.  Everything comes to those that wait and make sure you price

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Looking to a buy a home in the beautiful area of San Tan Valley, Arizona? 

That Real Estate Show has listed a beautiful 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home in San Tan Valley, Arizona. 

five bedroom home for sale in san tan valley arizona


Come take a look at all the room you have in this spacious 2694 square foot home.   You'll find you get way more bang for you buck in San Tan Valley, Arizona located in Pinal County just south east of Phoenix, Arizona.  Get more house for your money with this beautiful home with everything you could ask for.  

Master bedroom is split and everyone has lots of privacy.  The kitchen has everything you could want. Gorgeous cabinet and white appliances.   It opens up to a great room which is perfect for entertaining.  The person in the kitchen doesn't feel left out of the

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Buying in the Phoenix area would be better right now, but blame the Millennials!

That's right....the Millennial Generation.

This is the busiest time for buyers historically in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Except this year.

This time last year we had about 11,000 pending transactions or sales.

This year.....7000.

Michael Orr, Director of the Real Estate Center at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University says there are a few things to blame.  The usual; rising interest rates and rising prices.

But here's a new one.

Our first time home buyers are gone.

First time buyers are now the Millennial Generation.



And the last think they're thinking of is buying a house.

Especially what they've seen their

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If you want to be informed on the latest on the real estate market in the Phoenix Arizona area, then you must listen to That Real Estate Show Saturdays at 3pm on News Talk 92.3 KTAR. 

In case you missed That Real Estate Show on Saturday, March 21, 2014, have no fear, the podcast is here.


THAT MARKET REPORT - Michael Orr tells us about the future of real estate in the Valley and what impact Millenials have on it.  Listen here.

YOUR MONEY GIRL KIM HARLAND - Kim Harland of Nova Home Loans joins us to talk about the Maricopa County Home in 5 Advantage program and Nova Home Loan's awesome credit services department where they will fix your credit for free in order to help you buy a home.  Listen here.

THAT BUSINESS REPORT - The Phoenix Business

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You want to buy a new home in Chandler or Scottsdale or somewhere else in the Valley but you have no idea where your credit is at? 

Your Money Girl Kim Harland of Nova Home Loans and That Real Estate Show  will fix your credit for free.

That's right.


Can it get any better than that? 

If you've ever had to fix something on your credit report, you know that it can be time consuming.  Most people don't even know where to start. Kim and her team will do everything for you and give you tips and get you on a game plan to get that score into a range where you can buy a home.   Contact Kim Harland of Nova Home Loans

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