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Most Expensive Phoenix Area Home Sales

Posted by Diane Brennan on Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at 3:33pm.

Most Expensive Phoenix, Scottsdale & Paradise Valley homes for sale. Think about that for a minute.  How about this title "The Most Expensive real estate deals in the Valley this week."

Every time I see those headlines in the Arizona Republic, I shake my head and wonder DO these people get their money?  I mean they pay millions for these places, that's one thing.  But a lot of the time, most of the time, it's in cold, hard cash.   I mean, come on!

I can understand where this guy gets his money.  He's a Major league Baseball player for the LA Dodgers.  He's now a new Valley resident.  Check out this picture of his digs.  Thank you Arizona Republic and AZ Central for letting me show this picture and please don't sue me becasue I certainly don't have nearly the cash these new Valley homeowners have.  Not nearly.

la dodger buys home in paradise valley and is one of most expensive in Phoenix Metro area

Here's this week's most priciest home sales.

The Arizona Republic must undertand our curiousity of just how these people might afford places such as these.  They do give hints in the desciptions.  Check them out.

Do you read it inside your head with a British accent like I do?   Just curious.

priciest luxury homes for sale and bought this week in the Phoenix metro arealuxury homes for sale the most expensive in the Phoenix metro area

You think this is a lot.  Do you know we have a listing in DC Ranch that is for sale for $25 million.  $25 million.  I can't even comprehent that.

Many say, "Oh I would never want a house that big." 

I say....I do.

As a Realtor, many ask, don't you want to sell a house that big?

I'm like, heck I want to live in it!!

I've joked that I got into real estate becasue I failed trying to be a Gold Digger.

But you never know, maybe one of these new Valley homeowners has a single son or relative.  I could start jogging in these areas......

Phoenix metro luxury homes for sale on that real estate show

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